Parabolic antennna JRC-29DD MIMO


  • a new design with deep dish increases isolation among antennas on a mast
  • dual-polarization antenna, horizontal/vertical or 2x45° polarization
  • extended frequency band
  • long distance or medium distance in difficult conditions
  • extra high front to back ratio
  • easy to use with GentleBOX JR-200 or JR-250 Alu
  • able to count attainable distance from section of calculation
  • radom (plastic parabola cover) included in the cost

Technical parameters
Frequency range4.9 - 6.4 GHz
Gain29.0 ±1 dBi
VSWR 5.1 - 5.9 GHz ≤ 1.4
Beamwidth -3 dB5.5°
Port to port isolation 5.1 - 5.9 GHz ≥ 25 dB
Front to back ratio≥ 49 dB
Polarizationlinear, horizontal/vertical or 2x45°
Parabolaø 680 mm, Aluminium alloy with baking paint
Radome UV steady plastic ABS
ConnectorN-female or R-SMA
Installation for mast ø 27 - 74 mm right or left side

The radiator is internally treated by high-frequency technology "Hydrophobic coating" which increases resistance against humidity.


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JRC-29DD MIMOJRC-29DD MIMOJRC-29DD MIMOLeft side mountingR-SMA connectors Horizontal/Vertical polarizationR-SMA connectors 2x45° polarizationN connectors Horizontal/Vertical polarizationN connectors 2x45° polarizationJRC-29DD MIMO + GentleBox JR-250 AluJRC-29DD MIMO + GentleBox JR-250 AluJRC-29DD MIMO + GentleBox JR-200JRC-29DD MIMO + GentleBox JR-200


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