GentleBOX JE-200

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Technical parameters:
Outer size203 x 203 x 65 mm
Inner size186 x 186 x 53 mm
MaterialUV steady plastic ABS, Polyamide
Instalation for mast ø 19 - 54 mm
  • GentleBOX is an outdoor box for AP, RouterBOARDs and other electronics with a unique system of the grooves and holes for easy installation
  • Easy installation without drilling, you require only 1 flat and 2 cross-shaped (PH1 and PH2) screwdrivers and the spanner "10" for complete installation
JE-200 Cable gland
  • The package includes cable gland secured against spinning by specially molded retaining lines
  • GentleBOX is prearranged for easy mounting of RB411
Suitable for:
  • All other antennas
Package contents:

  • Screws and plastic distance piers for easy installation of the electronics (4/4pcs)
  • Easy to use self-holding plastic piers
  • Non-losable bayonet locks MS-1 for easy closure (4pcs) - it is recommended to lubricate them with vaseline or silicone
  • Special bracket for the mast ø 19 - 54 mm (1pcs)
  • Cable gland Pg11 for cable ø 4 - 10 mm (1pcs)
  • Cable gland M20 for cable ø 4 - 10 mm, you can put the connector RJ45 through (1pcs)
Recommended accessories:
GentleBOX JE-200 Packing GentleBOX JE-200 Packing
  • 1 pcs in carton
  • Large size carton with 10 pcs separetly packed

GentleBOX JE-200 Bulk GentleBOX JE-200 Bulk
  • Bulk package
  • Carton with 10 pcs
Spare parts:

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JE-200JE-200 detailJE-200 Bayonet lock


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