Adapter kit JXAF-11

  • easy UBNT AF-11 microwave unit connection to professional microwave antenna with circular waveguide
  • developed in cooperation with Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
  • suitable for all sizes of antennas
  • silicone cap for easy and perfect sealing
  • prepared for SISO and MIMO configuration
  • high isolation between connectors for high-speed MIMO system

Compatible with antennas:
JRMD-400-10/11ETSI class 2
JRMC-400-10/11ETSI class 3
JRMD-680-10/11ETSI class 2; FCC Part 101B
JRMC-680-10/11ETSI class 3; FCC Part 101B
JRMD-900-10/11ETSI class 2; FCC Part 101B
JRMC-900-10/11ETSI class 3; FCC Part 101B
JRMD-1200-10/11ETSI class 2; FCC Part 101A
JRMC-1200-10/11ETSI class 3; FCC Part 101A
JRMC-1800-10/11ETSI class 3; FCC Part 101A

Technical parameters:
Frequency band 10.3 to 11.7 GHz
Connectors N male
Waveguide ø 19 mm
Isolation between connectors ≥ 32 dB

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