GentleBOX JC-220 MIMO


Plane EPlane H
  • GentleBOX JC-220 contains itegrated dual-polarized 5 GHz antenna with itegrated overvoltage protection
  • Antenna layout is gold plated
  • GentleBOX JC-220 is optimal solution for clients in range 5 GHz
  • GentleBOX is inclusive and ideal outdoor box for AP, RouterBOARD and other electronics
  • With GentleBOX you can forget measuring and drilling! Everything is prepared
  • With GentleBOX you can forget seeking for cable bush and assembling material! Everthing is enclosed. You will require 1 flat and 2 (PH1 and PH2) cross-shaped screwdrivers and spanner number "10"
  • In GentleBOX are prepared grooves and holes for easy instalation of RouterBOARD or other electronics including screws and plastic distance piers
  • outdoor and indoor usage
  • simplified mounting of RB711
  • link point-point
  • you can count attainable distance from section of calculation
Technical parameters
Frequency range5,1 - 5,9 GHz
Gain 5,4-5,9 GHz17 dBi ±0,5
VSWR 5,4-5,9 GHz ≤ 1,9
Beamwidth -3 dB20/20°
Connector on cableUF-L or MMCX or R-SMA according to version
Outer size203 x 203 x 65 mm
Inner size186 x 186 x 53 mm
Polarizationhorizontal and vertical
MaterialUV steady plastic ABS, Polyamide
Instalation for mast ø19 - 54 mm

Antenna cable is ended by connector according to version:

GentleBOX JC-220 UF - connector UF-L
GentleBOX JC-220 MCX - connector MMCX
GentleBOX JC-220 SMA - connector R-SMA

Accessories part of packing

  • Lose-free bayonet locks for easy closure
  • Bayonet locks recommend to lubricate vaseline, best silicone (most oils dry out over time, so it is not recommend for treatment)
  • Special holder for mast ø19 - 54 mm
  • Cable bush for cable ø 4 - 10 mm, extra blue quality - 1 pcs
  • Screws for attachment of electronics + plastic piers 4+4
  • Easy to use self-holding plastic piers
Recommended accessories:
GentleBOX JC-217 Packing GentleBOX JC-217 Packing
  • 1 pcs in carton
  • Carton with 10 pcs separetly packed in carton

GentleBOX JC-217 Bulk GentleBOX JC-217 Bulk
Spare parts

More photos

GentleBOX JC-220GentleBOX JC-220GentleBOX JC-220GentleBOX JC-220 easy lockGentleBOX JC-220GentleBOX JC-220 cable bush


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